• About Us

  • Mission

    The Preble County Chamber of Commerce is the leader of and catalyst for plans, strategies, programs and services that promote a favorable business climate, improve the quality of life, and support the orderly growth and development of Preble County, Ohio. 


    The chamber is a 501(c)(6) private business association founded in 1952 dedicated to:

    • Improving skills and values of the workforce
    • Stimulating commerce
    • Fostering a vibrant free enterprise environment
    • Increasing the growth of per capita income & tax base
    • Representing interests of business advocacy
    • Improving the climate for business start-ups
    • Growth & expansion of new businesses
    • Attracting new businesses


    We support civics, community and culture by promoting commerce which generates capital. The capital generated by the private sector in turn becomes the funds used to provide service to the community.

    We support commerce by helping business owners locate:

    • Where they believe they can get a fair return on their investment (ROI) 
    • Where they can be successful & prosper
    • Where the environment for commerce is energetic
    • Where free enterprise is embraced


    2015-2017 Strategic Plan (Click here) to download PDF

  • Recognizing Preble County's Young Professionals


    Congratulations, Stacy Fullmer, July 2021 Young Professional of the Month!



    Congratulations, Sydney Smith, June 2021 Young Professional of the Month!

    Congratulations, May 2021 Young Professional of the Month, Alexa Little!

    Congratulations, April 2021 Young Professional of the Month, Chelsea Sorrell!

    Congratulations, March 2021 Young Professional of the Month, Lisa White!

    Congratulations, February 2021 Young Professional of the Month, Greg Eley!

    Congratulations, January 2021 Young Professional of the Month Landen O'Banion! (Pictured: Preble Connect Steering Committee members Kate Duskey, Todd Appledown, O'Banion, Alexa Little)