• Chamber Advocacy

  • The Chamber of Commerce is the voice of business. We advocate on behalf of our members and their inerests. Our Legislative Committee meets quarterly to discuss local, state and federal issues that effect our local commerce. It is our goal to inform and educate our members on what is happening at the local and state level of government. We do our best to communicate with our local elected officals on issues that effect our community and business. The Chamber at times will write letters to local and state officals to voice our concerns on legislation or possible legislation.

  • Recognizing Preble County's Young Professionals

    Congratulations, Sydney Smith, June 2021 Young Professional of the Month!

    Congratulations, May 2021 Young Professional of the Month, Alexa Little!

    Congratulations, April 2021 Young Professional of the Month, Chelsea Sorrell!

    Congratulations, March 2021 Young Professional of the Month, Lisa White!

    Congratulations, February 2021 Young Professional of the Month, Greg Eley!

    Congratulations, January 2021 Young Professional of the Month Landen O'Banion! (Pictured: Preble Connect Steering Committee members Kate Duskey, Todd Appledown, O'Banion, Alexa Little)