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    Job Description
    Department: Homeless Services            
    Reports to: Executive Director

    Date: February 5, 2018
    Classification: Exempt
    Basic Function:
    Provides Case Management and manages the HIT Foundation Homeless Services program including the 24/7 operations of the Homeless Shelter.  
    Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
     - Case Management: ºEnsures effective and timely case management is provided to Homeless Services Clients, both in and out of Shelter (as appropriate). ºDocuments case management activities in accordance with State/Federal guidance. ºEnsures consistency, accuracy and timeliness of reporting, including internal and external reports, HMIS, etc.    - Ensures a high level of Client care in Shelter:     Ensure Shelter Staff are providing: º A safe, secure and clean environment, in accordance with published State and Federal requirements (including OSHA). º Basic needs – food and drinks, personal hygiene opportunities, etc. º Assistance with basic tasks such as laundry, etc. º An atmosphere of respect and dignity for our Clients.
    - Ensures Shelter security, order and maintenance:  Ensures Shelter Staff are: º Providing oversight to ensure Clients follow Shelter rules. º Oversee any Client group and/or individual activities, such as meals, taking medications, using computers, Client interaction, etc. º Following all security procedures including searches and use of metal detector. º Ensuring Clients keep to the Shelter daily schedule. º Following procedures as provided in the Shelter Policies and Procedures. º Promptly reporting and addressing Shelter maintenance issues.
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