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  • Preble Connect is a group for young professionals, dedicated to engaging and connecting individuals age 21-40 with opportunities to develop socially, professionally and civically by opening doors to empower themselves, advance their careers and positively impact Preble County. Preble Connect is a subcommittee of the Preble County Chamber of Commerce.

    Beginning soon: Young Professional of the Month to be recognized

    This award is intended to recognize a professional who is 40 years of age or younger who has made and continues to make significant contributions to his or her business or industry and the Preble County community. Recipients of this award will be selected by the Preble County Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors and will automatically be placed in the running for Young Professional of the Year recognition. Nominations are reviewed monthly and do not expire; therefore, nominees will remain in the running all year with a single nomination. Nominations received after the 15th of the month, will not be considered until the following month. Nominations can be submitted online HERE.

    You can download a printable pdf of the nomination form HERE. 


  • Celebrating 2019:

    A look at the Holiday Gala

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