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The Preble County Chamber of Commerce Expo brings together a diverse range of 100+ businesses and organizations as a way to highlight their business, sell goods and services, and network during a two day event at the Preble County Fairgrounds Expo Center.


Some new features to the 2024 Expo are: 

  1. New Expo Website: We now have a new site dedicated to all things Expo! Here you will find all the latest news about the Expo, all of our vendor and sponsor registration opportunities, and the ability to purchase Split the Pot tickets online and watch the overall pot grow as the Expo date draws near. To view the Expo site click the 'Expo Site' button below.
  2. New Registration Platform:  We now have a registration platform that is not only user-friendly but also visually appealing and highly functional. Vendors and sponsors can easily register by clicking the 'Vendor Registration' and 'Sponsor Registration' buttons below.
  1. Food Truck Rally: This year, in addition to two inside food booths, we will offer 12  food truck spots located outside where attendees can explore a variety of culinary delights. Vendors with food trucks or tailers can register by clicking the 'Vendor Registration' button below.
    Space is limited so register TODAY!
  1. Dining Area in Expo Expansion: To enhance the overall experience, we have designated a dedicated dining area within the expo expansion where attendees can comfortably enjoy their meals with tables and chairs.
  1. Recruiting Opportunity: We are excited to introduce a new recruiting opportunity within the expo expansion, providing businesses with a valuable platform to connect with potential talent for a low cost. Employers can reserve a spot by clicking the 'Vendor Registration' button below.
  1. Split the Pot Raffle: Vendors, sponsors and attendees alike are be able to buy split the pot tickets online and in advance as well as at the event.  There are different cash prize amounts depending on the amount of tickets sold. Purchase tickets by clicking the 'Split the Pot Tickets' button below.
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